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Sensibility: MRI R&D Center I 

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area: 80,000 square feet

status: construction 

With limited fund to build a factory site, design can be only approached piece by piece. Each piece has to be a complete work by self due to a demand of immediate usage for production. Meanwhile, each piece evolves in growing connection with each other during time. Slow growth gives the opportunity to design each changing moment that involves architecture and landscape. Using cellphone, I record the play between site, construction process, growth of connection and time’s magic. Lack of fund contributes to the interesting work of evolution.

The factory site intervenes with existing landscape fabric, new industry booming and the influx of young educated migration fleeing from metropolitan for a life style with tranquil environment, more respect, and less stress.

To transform border between industrial site and existing landscape fabric, to define the undefined interaction, to invest continuing and symbiotic vitality in the place with time-lapse process, are clues to design. Roof is interface to overlook a canal flowing into the longest River in the region one block away. Soft path extends on the edge of industrial growth, while Shadows involve ivy growing.

Space of workflow is orchestrated along the central axis. All R&D laboratory space surrounds it. Skylight cascades through the 3-story high opening space. Shadows draw time changing on columns. Breeze flows through both ends of the axis, and also comes from operational skylight windows. The local weather is steamy in summer. The passive design of natural ventilation largely cools down inside working environment.

Looking out through frameless glass, landscape blends the view of a transforming city. White frames,  sands and shadows extend the edge of factory for ivy growing, people strolling, communicating, resting and meditating. And walking up to the rooftop, the canal and transformation on site offer a view to both past and future.

The building speaks with users, light and environment. She is sensitive and humble to the surrounding and individual.

And the growth of construction is art of dust, dirt, sweat and each seemingly insignificant transformation by individuals. 

E A U create Evolution.Arch.Urbanismstrategy and designNew York

©All rights reserved