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Two sides of one object

A place carrying memory, love, hope, revival is the place to stay. Our purpose of design is to realize the place with you.

Industrialism and urbanism are two sides of one object, that is war and peace of human inhabitants and environment. The influence of this project is defined by how we vision industrialization and urbanization, and how we design today's places and the relations to environment. Whether it's as cool as a machine cutter, or as a living and breathing life, or other alternatives.

Urban Design is a strategy to embrace the place of human and environment, and a bridge to coordinate the flows of people, capital, memories, materials. 

For example, in a plan of manufacturing center, considering the influence on surrounding community, urban design is about dynamic and balance. For example, in an innovative strategy to improve healthcare center working flow and efficiency, urban design is about connect and circulation. For example, in a prototype creation to increase usage rates of medical device and the space, urban design is about stimulation. 

Besides sense of logic and technique, very importantly, the heart of design is about sensibility, about authenticity, and about compassion .


Salute A Lighted Temple

Plan Général de la Saline de Chaux (between 1778 and 1804) 

by Claude Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806) 

Claude Nicolas Ledoux's Saline de Chaux was built at the breaking of modern history. It is a last masterpiece of enlightenment to unfold a dream of industrial utopia that generates reciprocity of respect between individuals and brings harmony with environment. 

It is a community of salt factory designed in classic order, harmonizing manufacture setting with theaters and schools.

By building wooden pipes, the production process brought salt water from 20 kilometers away to the production destination Arc-et-Senans. 

When looking back at the model of Saline de Chaux, there is always the inspiration and belief. Why spending so much time and energy to involve a piece of design with appropriate selective technology, good culture and art? Because the light of justice stands in the place that presents and harbors the innocent, the harmonious, the order.


E A U create Evolution.Arch.Urbanismstrategy and designNew York

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